Automatic filler P KEG 135 is used for automatic filling of kegs with beer or soft drinks. The output of the machine is up to 135 kegs/hour.

The filling cycle runs automatically, after a manual start command.

The control is electronic, the machine includes a KEG barrel centering device, pneumatically controlled pressure rollers and automatic shifting of barrels between individual heads.

Function description

  • Filling is carried out smoothly and gently by levelling the pressure with a small amount of spray.
  • The entire filling process is controlled by a HITACHI type programmable control (located in a stainless steel cabinet).
  • Every single step of the filling process is checked via fork probes. All control parts are self-checking.
  • All electrical connections and electro-pneumatic components as well as inlet and outlet media valves are placed on one side of the machine.
  • The cycle runs automatically on this machine, after a manual start command.

The automatic filler includes:

  • Selfstanding base made of stainless steel (material 1. 4301) with storage table for kegs
  • Filling heads for automatic connection to the barrel, including pneumatically operated pressure cylinder
  • Media distributor and control unit – combination of inlet and outlet valves for filling, all valves are pneumatically operated via magnetic valves
  • Memory programmable control, HITACHI/Siemens type, including switchboard.
  • Control cells – leak check, wet and dry condition reporting via special fork probe, media check via pressure switch etc.
  • Rinsing media – water is taken from the service network.
  • Pre-pressurisation withCO2 is assumed