The single-place automatic inside washer is used for keg washing. Output of the machine is up to 20 kegs/hr.
The machine is equipped with a keg centering device and a pneumatically operated pressure cylinder, including electronic control. Cleaning agent: caustic

The device includes:

  • Freestanding base with storage table for kegs
  • Washing head for automatic connection to the keg
  • Media distributor and control unit – combination of valves for wash media supply, combination of valves for wash media drain valves, all valves are pneumatically operated via magnetic valves
  • Caustic tank with medium pump and temperature control
  • Memory programmable control, HITACHI type, including switchboard
  • Control cells – leak check, wet and dry condition reporting via special fork probe, media control via pressure switch etc.
  • Rinsing media – cold and hot – are taken from the operating network.
  • Steam sterilization and pre-pressurization with CO2 is assumed.

Washing procedure

  • barrel exchange
  • pressing the barrel and dropping the lifting table
  • leak testing
  • connection and testing of residual pressure
  • blowing out the residue
  • Pre-spray (cold water)
  • blowing out cold water
  • Caustic injection (pulsed)
  • blowing out the caustic with sterile air
  • hot water injection (pulsating)
  • steam blowing of hot water
  • steaming
  • condensate discharge
  • steaming/pressure build-up
  • disconnection and release of pressure
  • releasing the barrel and lifting the lifting table
  • barrel exchange