Automatic inside washer and filler MP Keg 35 – 400


MP KEG is used for automatic washing and filling of kegs with beer or soft drinks. The output of the machine is from 35 to 400 kegs per hour. Caustic or/and acid is used as a cleaning agent.

The machine contains 1 to 6 washing heads and 1 to 2 filling heads, depending on the capacity.

The control is electronic, the machine includes a KEG barrel centering device, pneumatically controlled pressure rollers and automatic shifting of barrels between individual heads.

Function description

  • Washing is done sterile with pulsating spray of caustic and/or acid as required.
  • The containers are pressed from above by a pneumatic cylinder on the head and cleaned from the inside at the washing stations.
  • Filling is carried out smoothly and gently by levelling the pressure with a small amount of spray.
  • The entire washing and filling process is controlled by a HITACHI programmable control (located in a stainless steel cabinet).
  • Every single step of the washing and filling process is monitored via fork probes. All control parts are self-checking.
  • Container transport is automatic.
  • As standard, the MP Keg is equipped with detergent tanks, including pumps and fresh water supply with automatic level control and register heating.
  • All electrical connections and electro-pneumatic components as well as inlet and outlet media valves are located on one side of the machine.

For higher outputs, it is possible to install machines in a group.

References and installations (examples)

  • Brewery Hlučín
  • Brewery Bernard, Humpolec
  • Brewery Svijany
  • Brewery Kácov
  • Brewery Náchod
  • Brewery Cvikov
  • Brewery Šofránko, Široké
  • Brewery Wywar, Holíč
  • 3x Brewery Kemerovo
  • Brewery Mezdurečensk
  • Brewery Joškar-Ola
  • Brewery Majkop
  • 3x Brewery Moršansk
  • Brewery Ulyanovsk
  • Brewery Omsk
  • 3x Brewery Zelenogorsk
  • Brewery Belorecensk
  • Domodedovo brewery
  • Brewery Cherkasy
  • Brewery Akhtyrka
  • Brewery Umaň
  • Brewery Khmelnitsky
  • 2x Brewery Záporoží
  • Brewery Alexandria (Obolon)
  • Brewery Na Podolí, Kiev
  • 2x Vinnica
  • 2 x Semipalatinsk brewery
  • Brewery Astana
  • Ashgabat Brewery
  • Brewery Bihačka
  • Brewery Tuzla
  • Pivovar Livu alus
  • Brewery Belc
  • Bruggsmidjan Brewery
  • PREMIER Stainless Systems, USA

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