Automatic reversible soak and spray washer for commonly soiled beer, wine, soft drink, milk and mineral water bottles.

All stainless steel Output up to 40.000 bottles/hour

Bottle washer in operation


During the washing process, the bottles are gradually stripped of dirt. The washing process can be divided into 7 successive phases:

Pre-soak, 3 min.
– 2-fold pre-wetting
– 1x pre-soaking with water at 35°C
– 1x rinse with water from the overflow of the spray section at 50°C

Long-term soaking, exposure to lye 7.1 min
– long-term soaking of bottles in three layers on top of each other
– main caustic bath temperature 70-85°C

Label removal
– 2-stage label removal
– sub-coolant rinse – 1 nozzle per throat, nozzle diameter 14 mm
– overflow rinse – 2 nozzles per throat nozzle diameter 14 mm

Spraying and rinsing bottles
– closed section, which prevents leachate from entering other parts of the washer
– 1x splash of 65-70°C water using a fixed shower
– 1x rinse with 65-70°C water using a fixed shower

Spraying, rinsing and cooling of bottles
(3.9 min)
– 3 sections cascaded
– 6x spraying with water at 20-65°C using rotating showers
– 4x water spraying at a temperature of 20-65°C using fixed showers
– 3 rinses with water at 20-65°C using fixed showers

Drinking water spray

2x spraying with drinking water using rotary showers, (nozzle diameter 2,5 mm)
1x drinking water spray with fixed showers, (nozzle diameter 2.5 mm)

Cooling of bottles and draining of residual drinking water

The bottle washer consists of the following parts:

Drive and movement parts of the washer – main drive, contact chain, bottle basket carriers, bottle baskets

Bottle entry – surge table, bottle loaders

2x pre-wetting ensures:

  • gradual heating of the bottles to the temperature of the main caustic bath
  • removing the largest proportion of loose and coarse impurities from the bottles
  • less pollution of the main caustic bath
  • heat recovery

The wash bath is the part of the machine where the actual washing process takes place by soaking the bottles in the wash bath in combination with spraying. Prolonged contact of the bottles with the washing solution at 3 degrees above each other at a temperature of 70-85°C ensures perfect dirt removal.

Label removal equipment

Inner and outer spray and back cooling of bottles

The bottle outlet from the washer is provided by a bottle unloader and an outfeed conveyor.

Control, measuring and regulating accessories

Water and caustic distribution

References (examples)

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