The Bottle washer BETA is automatic reversible soaking and spraying washer. Designed for cleaning normally soiled beer, wine, soft drink, milk and mineral water bottles.

  • Output up to 5.000 bottles/hour
  • All stainless steel
  • with/without pre-wetting


  • Main caustic bath at 70-80°C
  • Label removal – 2x caustic shower 70-80°C
  • 4x spraying with caustic at 70-80°C
  • 3x hot water shot 35-60°C
  • 2x shot of drinking water
  • Gas or steam heating

The Bottle washer BETA consists of the following parts:

The drive and movement parts of the washer enable the washing process, which is conditioned by the passage – through the bottles – through the washer. The main drive of the washer is provided by an electric motor with a frequency converter.

First part of the washeris
used for the entry of dirty bottles into the washer. It must ensure a continuous supply of bottles to other parts of the machine by filling all carriers. It consists of the following parts: a surge table and a bottle inserter.

Caustic bath and label removal
Bottle baskets filled with bottles are carried to the caustic bath, where dirt is released at a caustic temperature of 70°C and the labels are degreased. Flushing of labels from the bottle surface and the intermediate space of the bottle basket into the washing bath towards the label separator is ensured by the hydrodynamic effect of the washing solution. The label separator is a rotating perforated drum from which the labels are removed by air flowing through a fan.

Splash system
In the next part, the bottles are sprayed and splashed first with caustic, then with clean water and finally with drinking water.

The unloading of the bottles is carried out in a similar way to their loading by rotating plastic segments.

Control, measuring and regulation accessories
are used to adjust and control the washing process and the operation of the washer. Among the most important are checking the temperatures and levels of the individual baths and checking the washer against sudden mechanical overload.

Bottle washer BETA with pre-soaking

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