The spray washer is used for external washing of kegs with a capacity of up to 120 kegs/hour. The washer is equipped with keg stop arms and pneumatically operated pressure cylinders, including electronic control. Washing with water is assumed.

The External Spray Washer includes:

  • Pneumatic stop arm including photo sensors, before entering the washer
  • Stop arm, including pneumatic actuator
  • Stretcher arm, including pneumatic actuator
  • Freestanding cabinet construction
  • Combination of valves for the supply of washing media, all valves are pneumatically operated via solenoid valves
  • The hot water tank (volume 550 litres) including the medium pump, temperature control, fittings and connections is a fixed part of the machine (separate location means extra price).
  • Memory programmable control, HITACHI type, including switchboard, control panel and all electrical cables for internal connection.
  • Rinsing medium: used water
  • Steel structural parts are made of 1.4301 stainless steel or better.
  • Transport chain conveyor including drive

Function description

  • Stopping the barrel in front of the washer
  • Transport of the keg to the washer
  • Closing the washer door
  • Washing the surface of the barrel with washing medium (hot water rinse)
  • Washing the surface of the barrel with cold water
  • End of wash cycle
  • Transport of the keg

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