Flash pasteurizer
Flash pasteurizer

The Flash pasteurizer is designed for continuous pasteurization of beer up to 15 m3/hour. The specific solution is tailored to the customer’s requirements – output, automation, cooling media – glycol, brine or ice water.

Main benefit:
Energy-savings operation reduces costs.

Complete solution includes:

Flash pasteurizer

  • Plate heat exchanger (e.g. ALFA LAVAL) – 90 – 95% recovery effect
  • Plate heat exchanger for hot water heating (e.g. ALFA LAVAL)
  • Tube withstander, 30s residence time at 72´C
  • Sanitizable beer pumps, 2pcs
  • Stainless steel Hot water pump
  • Pneumatic control valve, for hot water temperature control
  • Pneumatic control valve, for regulating the power of the pasteur.
  • Hand valves, pressure gauges, thermometers and interconnecting pipes of pasteurizer
  • Automatic regulation of pasteurization temperature and pasteurizer output based on the filling of the buffer tank
  • Regulation of beer cooling at the outlet
  • Regulator, including simple graphic display
  • Electronic recorder of pasteurization temperature
  • Electrical switchboard


  • Safety under pressure valve
  • Stainless steel safety valve on the beer supply pipe
  • Stainless steel safety valve on CO2 supply pipe
  • Tensometric scale
  • Stop sensor – full tank fill
  • Sanitation head

Stainless Steel Sanitation Pump – Buffer tank sanitation

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