The internal pre-washing machine is designed for internal pre-washing of kegs. It is equipped with KEG barrel centering and pneumatically operated pressure rollers, including electronic control and automatic barrel shifting between the individual heads. Washing with caustic is assumed.

The internal pre-washer
increases the overall quality of keg washing, which has a positive impact on the quality and durability of the beer.

The pre-wash contains:

  • Freestanding base with storage table for kegs
  • 1-2 Wash heads for automatic connection to the barrel, including pneumatically operated pressure rollers
  • Waiting station
  • Media distributor and control unit – combination of valves for media supply for washing, combination of valves for drain valves for washing, combination of supply and drain valves for filling
  • All valves are pneumatically operated via solenoid valves.
  • Theliquor tank including media pump, temperature control, fittings and connections is a fixed part of the machine (separate location means extra price).
  • Memory programmable control, HITACHI/Siemens type, including switchboard, control panel and all electrical cables for internal connection.
  • Control elements – leak check, wet and dry condition reporting via special fork probe, media control via pressure switch, etc.
  • Rinsing medium – used water is taken from the tank
  • The steel structural parts of the equipment are made of 1.4301 stainless steel or better.

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