Tunnel pasteurizer for canneries


The tunnel pasteurizer is designed for pasteurisation of food products (canned fruits and vegetables, jams, sauces, ketchups, etc.).

Two versions are manufactured:

  • Continuous steam pasteurizer – heating by steam to a pasteurization temperature of 95˚C
  • Continuous shower pasteurizer – heating by water showers up to a pasteurization temperature of 93˚C, the shower pasteurizer allows more precise adjustment of the pasteurization temperature

Modular design

The proven modular design meets special customer requirements for:

  • products (fruits and vegetables, jams, sauces, ketchups, etc.)
  • type of packaging (glass bottle, can, etc.)
  • construction (single-deck, double-deck)
  • type of chain (stainless steel, plastic)
  • dimensions (length, width)

The design can also be used for other devices such as cooler, cooler-dryer, heater, heater-dryer.


  • After the products are loaded, a graduated heating to the desired pasteurization temperature takes place.
  • This is then followed by a period at pasteurisation temperature.
  • Cooling after pasteurisation is also graduated.

Bottles or products in the machine run through the following zones:

  • Preheating zone
  • Pasteurisation zone
  • Cooling zone I
  • Cooling zone II
  • Cooling zone III
  • Cooling zone IV (drinking water)

The main drive of the pasteuriser is provided by an electric motor in direct connection with the box variator.

Watertight tunnel – The self-supporting structure supports a chain grate with perforated rails. Thermal insulation reduces energy loss.

The chain grate ensures that bottles or other containers can be transported through the trap. It consists of 2 pieces of endless contact chains connected by perforated rails.

Water and heat management

  • The water bath system is interconnected to allow the best possible use and regeneration of thermal energy.
  • The size and positioning of the shower nozzles is designed to optimally spray water onto each bottle.
  • Automatic temperature control of individual baths and heating by means of tubular registers.
  • Water flow (heating, pasteurizing, cooling) is ensured by circulation pumps.

The long service life of the tunnel pasteurizer is due to the all-stainless steel design of the machine and the low-maintenance construction.

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