Whirlpool and wort cooling


Whirlpool is available in all stainless steel with pressure sensor control, evaluation units and display. The final solution is always adapted to the individual requirements of the customer.

The whirlpool concentrates the sludge and solid particles from the wort in a shape of cone in the middle of the vessel and then they are removed by the rotating nozzle.

Manufacturing and shipping

Technical specifications

A whirlpool is a vertical welded cylindrical closed vessel with a conical lid. It has a flat bottom with a slight slope from the centre to the edge. There is a groove on the perimeter of the bottom.

The whirlpool includes, among other things, an inlet nozzle (located tangentially), wort outlets, wash water inlet, lower collector and condensate drain from the steamer, pressure sensor, hatch, lighting body, ladder, upper washing ball and sanitation ball.

In operation

Examples of installations

  • Svijany 2x
  • Humpolec
  • Zaporozhye
  • Khmelnitsky
  • Kemerovo
  • Bratsk

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